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By Jorge Armando Navarro. November 15, 2020

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The way you learn will HELP YOU or NOT on how you're able to COMMUNICATE, EDUCATE, PRESENT, STORY TELL, to other people. 

You know in order for you to get to the top, and being able to stay there, you need to continually educating yourself right?

This is something that we have to do as IT Engineers, to continually educating ourselves and keep on learning and learning, and this will never end if we want to get to the top and keep ourselves there.

This is why you need to learn the process of learning how to learn, this way you can 2X the way you go through new content, information, topics, and be able to retain and recall what you have learned a lot more.




One last thing, when you finally take the time to learn more about how the brain learns, you'll be able to go through the topics and information that you-re learning in a way that you can COMMUNICATE, EDUCATE, PRESENT, STORY TELL, what you have learned to other people.

Think about this…

If you are able to answer technical questions by NOT giving a technical definition, but by educating, teaching, and presenting the content that you have to say base on the answer… then you are one of a kind that will end up getting the job.

The way that you end up going through and learning the topics, that’s exactly what’s going to differentiate you and help you to get a high paying job fast.

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